Opinion: Design history

Inspiration: Pioneer 10 plaque (1972)

Inspiration: Pioneer 10 plaque (1972)

Design history, Illustration, Information design, Technology, Visual culture

Billions of miles from Earth and still travelling, this etched metal plaque is the furthest piece of design from our planet. Appreciated by Gary Benzel and Todd St. John of HunterGatherer

Changing of the guard

Design history

American graphic design is divided. The once rebellious avant-garde has become the status quo, while the new guard shun their elders’ example and adhere to few of the old ‘isms’

What has writing got to do with design?

Design history, Graphic design, Agenda

We canonise the giants of design history as champions of total authorship, while overlooking the obvious message of their work


Design history, Illustration, Typography

Type designer Jason Smith takes an appreciative look at the shapely curves of Eric Gill’s erotic woodcuts
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