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Ethics in the age of data capitalism

Issue 99, Autumn 2019


Has user-centred design dragged us to the brink of catastrophe? And if so, do we need a First Things First for the digital world?

We Made This: Technical challenge

Issue 95, Winter 2017


Sarah Snaith talks to Briar Levit, director of a new film on the history of graphic design

Learning on location

Issue 85, Spring 2013


Linda Kwon looks at ways to learn about type beyond the conventional classroom.

An enquiring mind

Issue 85, Spring 2013


Ken Garland (b. 1929) is something of an enigma in British graphic design. Not fitting…

Last things last

Issue 83, Summer 2012


It’s not a case of ‘us and them’! Ken Garland addresses an issue left unsaid in his 1964 First Things First manifesto: an acknowledgement of the client’s essential role in graphic design

Reputations: Ken Garland

Issue 66, Winter 2007


‘The Nazis had the most effective corporate identity ever – this should warn us. That evil, horrible regime had this superlative corporate identity in which they didn’t tolerate any diversity.’

Conference madness

Issue 49, Autumn 2003


It’s a messy hybrid of live chat show, summer camp, theatre and rock’n’roll

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The clarity of the innocent eye

25 May 2021
Critical path, Design education, Design history, Graphic design, Technology

In this previously unpublished essay from 2003, Ken Garland (who died last week) urges designers to be ‘alert’. In an afterword, Andrew Howard explains the context
I’ve been working as a graphic designer for 50 years, first as an art director…

Noted #68

11 July 2015

Landscapes, beards and hats in Copenhagen; Tree of Codes; World Illustration Awards; New Horizons; Tom Gauld’s Endless Journey
Here are a few things that caught our attention in recent weeks. 49 landscapes, 7…

The promise of information

24 April 2014
Design education, Graphic design, Information design, Reviews

The Information Design Conference 2014 brings together thriving information design communities from around the world. Mark Barratt reports.
This year’s Information Design Conference, held at RIBA in London on 7 and 8 April…

Type Tuesday – 10 December 2013

4 December 2013
Design education, Design history, Graphic design, Type Tuesday, Typography

Archive night with Lucienne Roberts, Rathna Ramanathan, Fraser Muggeridge, Gerry Leonidas, Ken Garland, Simon Esterson and Martin Andrews
Next week we’ll be hosting another Type Tuesday event at St Bride Library in London…

Chat show

11 October 2013
Design education, Design history, Graphic design, Magazines, Typography, Visual culture

Pam Bowman and Matt Edgar report from day one of the AGI Open conference in London, where the theme was ‘dialogue’
London’s AGI Open set out to shun the standard conference show-and-tell format, and to bring…

The Bloomsbury set

24 October 2012
Book design, Graphic design, Reviews, Typography

De Bondt, Boom, Burrill, Butterick, Garland, Kubel, Scher and many more make Typo London 2012 a highly ‘Social’ affair. No question about it.
Typo London commenced with graphic designer Sara De Bondt’s fittingly understated introduction, writes Sarah Snaith…

Wanda and Ken

10 May 2012
Graphic design, Photography, Visual culture

Riverside pictures & mystery photos in the Garlands’ first joint show.
Tomorrow sees the opening of a new joint exhibition by painter Wanda Garland and designer…

Catch them before they vanish

22 October 2010
Graphic design, New media, Photography, Reviews, Visual culture

Taking a close look at Ken Garland’s little photo books
After the success of his previous set of books, writes Alison Bakker, Ken Garland (see…

Small and perfectly formed

1 January 2010
Graphic design, Photography, Visual culture

Ken Garland takes another close look at the world around us
In recent years, graphic designer Ken Garland has devoted increasing amounts of his time to…