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Many players on the Olympic stage

Issue 101, Summer 2021


Germany first hosted an Olympic Games in 1936, in Berlin and…

Time after time

Issue 63, Spring 2007


Only the year on the cover reminds us that this Olympic sports schedule is 35 years old

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6 July 2012

The ‘Munich ’72’ Design Legacy exhibition & symposium in Canterbury
This year marks the 40th anniversary of Otl Aicher’s design work for the 1972 Munich Olympiad, writes Katherine Gillieson. The exhibition and symposium at UCA Canterbury commemorate these in a timely way, as the Olympic torch passes through Canterbury on 19 July and the London games are less than a month away.

Time after time

8 June 2012

Mason Wells examines an Olympic Games schedule from Munich 1972
Only after the viewer has folded back the discreet cover featuring the beautiful ‘Wreath of Rays’ logo is the energy of this document fully revealed, writes Mason Wells in Eye 63.