Wednesday, 8:00am
13 February 2013

Made by Marian

A glimpse of the 2013 Valentine’s Day card designed by Marian Bantjes.

Yes, it’s that time of year when certain graphic designers, art directors, editors and writers look out anxiously for an envelope with a Canadian stamp postmarked Bowen Island BC.

What could it be but the latest Valentine’s Day card from Marian Bantjes?

Marian Bantjes, 2013.


Previous years’ creations have included last year’s overprinted postcards, laser-cut recycled Christmas cards (below) and a page of script on glassine paper (see ‘Who’s writing this script’ on the Eye blog in 2009.

Marian Bantjes, 2010.

Marian Bantjes. Valentine made from Xmas card 2

You can read about Bantjes’ earlier Valentine’s Day cards and posters going back to 2005 on her website

See our Reputations interview with Marian Bantjes in Eye 72.

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