Thursday, 12:01am
6 October 2022

Movers and shakers

Watch as DEMO takes over a multitude of Dutch public screens on Thursday 6 October

Demo 2022 Launch Reel

DEMO Festival opens in the Netherlands on Thursday 6 Oct 2022, with the best in motion graphics, art and design on show across thousands of screens around the country.

In what is claimed will be the world’s largest open-air design exhibition, the second annual DEMO takes over 5000-plus screens on Dutch streets, in train stations, metros, petrol stations, airports and shopping centres, and show more than 800 moving artworks in a single day.

DEMO Graphic Moves

The DEMO Festival was co-founded by Liza Enebeis of Studio Dumbar / DEPT®, and she is co-curating this year’s event. As she remarked in Eye 100, ‘DEMO began when Art Directors Club Netherlands asked me to give a talk to advertising agencies that worked on OOH installations and I realised that much of the work you see on these screens doesn’t consider the public space or the medium itself: what you see on your mobile is repeated on OOH. Yet designers and advertisers can really influence our environment. As Willem Sandberg [see Eye 25] said: “Look at your city and where you put your advertising.”’

Liza Enebeis of Studio Dumbar / DEPT®

Liza Enebeis

There are nine themes to the programme, which range from Better Than Real to Type Only, with ‘takeovers’ dedicated to the motion work of a single designer that will be shown across all screens.

Exhibiting designers include Dirk Koy (Switzerland), ines alpha (France), Wang & Söderström (Sweden), Melissa Santamaría (Mexico), Hey Studio (Spain), Michiel Schuurman (Netherlands) and Hassan Rahim (USA).

Work by Dirk Koy

Dirk Koy

Amsterdam Central Station is hosting a series of talks from speakers including UK motion designer Connor Campbell, 3D animation studio YONK and lead creative coder at Studio Dumbar / DEPT®, Sander Sturing, both from the Netherlands. A seminar is taking place on the role of motion design in the digital age.

For who cannot experience the festival in person, DEMO is launching The Demoverse, via Roblox, where all the work shown will be available to view. And look out for Eye’s extensive feature on motion design in the forthcoming issue (Eye 104).

Demo 2019

Admission: free.

Various locations across the Netherlands.

DEMO Shapeshifter

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