Wheels of fortune

William Owen

Fortune magazine was a visual encyclopedia of American business life

Maps and dreams

Rick Poynor

No printing method is too basic for Jake Tilson. Created with photocopiers, his books, magazines and objects are crammed with offbeat invention.

Reputations: Alan Fletcher

Rick Poynor

An interview with Pentagram’s ringmaster of paradox.

Posters of freedom

Margaret Timmers

Graphics have played a vital role in East European events

TV in the age of eye candy

Jim McClellan

People used to say the ads were the best thing on British TV. Now it’s the graphics which are overwhelming the programmes.

Cool, clear, collected

Robin Kinross

Blue Note designer Reid Miles and photographer Francis Wolff were a classic combo. Their covers have been envied, imitated, but rarely equalled.

The good radical

Yvonne Schwemer-Scheddin

In Eckhard Jung’s work the teaching of Ulm lives on

Flexible geometry

Hugh Aldersey-Williams

How Studio Dumbar propelled the PTT into the present

Official anarchy

Gerard Forde

For seventy years the PTT has been an exemplary patron

Modernism by mail

the editor

A two-part examination of design at the Dutch post office
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