Total design

Steven Heller

In its all too brief life, Alexey Brodovitch’s Portfolio magazine achieved perfection

Techno cubists

Mike Hicks

Champions of the layered look, Nancy Skolos and Tom Wedell wed theory and technological wizardry

Reputations: Sheila Levrant de Bretteville

Ellen Lupton

‘Diversity and inclusiveness are our only hope. It is not possible to plaster everything over with clean elegance. Dirty architecture, fuzzy theory and dirty design must also be out there.’

Quentin Fiore: Massaging the message

Abbott Miller

The man who gave form to Marshall McLuhan’s ‘global village’ designed books that were both for and ahead of their time

Your system sucks!

Natalia Ilyin

The flight from Modernism left a yearning for graphics that were rough, real, unaffected and believable. At some point, though, the downtown poster hardened into a convention

Prints of Islam

Rana Salam

In Syria and Beirut, craftsmen make inexpensive devotional images for the workplace and home

Max Bittrof: visual engineer

Friedrich Friedl

Max Bittrof was one of the leading German designers of the 1920s. Unlike many exponents of the New Typography, he was able to apply the aesthetic to a major commercial client

Stop making sense

Véronique Vienne

The best-loved children’s stories are for adults too. Five American illustrators push at the boundaries of the book.

Video to go

Michael Horsham

Video packaging is an area of graphics both marginal and ubiquitous. Who decides how it looks?

Cult of the ugly

Steven Heller

Designers used to stand for beauty and order. Now beauty is passé and ugliness is smart. How did we get here and is there any way out?
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