Issue 15


Graphic design, Technology, Typography, Editorial, Rick Poynor
In the three and a half years since Fuse, the interactive type magazine, was started…
Graphic design, Letter to the editor, Ian Goodyer
Letter from Ian Goodyer in Eye 15
Graphic design, Letter to the editor, Andrew Howard
Letter from Andrew Howard in response to Ian Goodyer’s letter ‘Design is a ghetto’ in Eye 15
Technology, Agenda, Jon Wozencroft
The instant, push-button excitements of the digital wonderland blind us to the imaginative challenge posed by the new technology
Rick Poynor
Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder


Rick Poynor
One of type design’s young stars talks about his new company and the pressures of early success.
Phil Baines
Central Saint Martins' collection of historical letterforms and type samples is an invaluable resource
Michael Rock
Fuse’s talented team is on an inspired quest to ‘Make it new!’ But what is the project really about?
Keith Robertson
Mass-market style has created an audience with an insatiable appetite for more of the same
Will Novosedlik
For Bruce Mau, graphic design is a way of investigating ethical, cultural and philisophical issues
Julia Thrift
Letterpress’s eclipse by digital typesetting has been a liberation for typographer Alan Kitching
Mike Daines
Few contempory display alphabets equal those of Louis John Pouchée for vivacity and invention
Steven Heller
Through its publications and gallery, the Composing Room promoted the new American design