Issue 56


John L. Walters
The editor summarises the contents of the latest issue of Eye
David Heathcote
London 2012 Olympic bid campaign
From the contents page of Eye no. 56 vol. 14
Agenda, Steven Heller
While we don’t need more slick professionals, primitives are no boon either
In the house
Rick Poynor
The new Vitra catalogue shows its classic furniture collection amid messy, real-life domesticity. Critique by Rick Poynor


Jason Grant
Cozzolino’s array of Australian trade marks also portrays the growing pains of a young nation
Grant Carruthers
One political party. One client. Yet the GDR’s designers enjoyed a surprising degree of freedom
Eric Kindel
Nine decades on, a Japanese army doctor’s invention is still being used to test colour vision
Las Vegas tangle
Luke Pendrell
A junkyard is home to the stylish chaos and discarded carcasses of a golden age of signage
Daoud Sarhandi, Carolina Rivas
Linking Huichol imagery to Op Art gave the Mexico Olympics a memorable graphic identity
François Chastanet
The architecture of São Paulo, Brazil, is covered by a unique form of calligraphic graffiti
Kurnal Rawat
Mumbai’s dabbawallas deliver 175,000 meals daily to hungry workers using a unique system
Grant Carruthers
Nostalgia for Germany’s old East has led to renewed interest in certain pre-1989 typefaces
Eugene Dorr
Embroidered space travel patches, collected and appreciated by Eugene Dorr