Issue 62


From the contents pages of Eye no. 62 vol. 16
No animals or models were harmed…
Rick Poynor
Vogue’s fusion of high fashion with brutish behaviour besmirches readers by making abusive images acceptable. Critique by Rick Poynor
John L. Walters
My battered Collins dictionary lists nineteen meanings for the word ‘character’, noting that it comes from…
Design is not a solution
Eye Forum no. 1, Mark Thomson
A piece of design is the expression of an idea. It’s not a solution
Eye Forum no. 1, Nick Bell
Control too much and it will appear we have something to hide
Eye Forum no. 1, Lucienne Roberts
Most avenues take me back to ethics
Critical path, Eye Forum no. 1, Personal view, Daniel Eatock
No no no no no no no no no no no no . . .
David Thompson
How did ‘Art bollocks’ become the default way of writing about visual culture? Could Mao have the answer?


Wayne Ford
Jody Boehnert
Is character design a fount of rich, contemporary visual codes . . . or just a cop-out for over-stressed kidults?
Steven Heller
The Nazi party’s obsession with cultural dominance extended far into calligraphy, lettering and type
Deborah Littlejohn
In a short time, Eric Olson’s highly focused type foundry has won both peer acclaim and high-profile clients
Rick Poynor
Motif, edited by Ruari McLean, was a quirky mix of art and illustration, with its roots in graphic art and typography
Mark Thomson
For the first edition of ‘An Essay on Typography’, Eric Gill used his new serif font in the manner of a scribe
Back with a flourish
Christian Schwartz
A taste for ornamentation and 1970s kitsch has led to a revival in the swash, the ‘tea cosy’ of typography
Richard Schlagman
Alan Fletcher’s editorial design was informed by craft skills and a highly original way of thinking
Electrifying the alphabet
Sarah Owens
At the dawn of the computer age, new functions ushered in new forms for type design
Steve Hare
In a world crammed with pictures, both art directors and agencies are compelled to rethink their roles
Adriana Eysler
The signage design for Carlsbad, New Mexico, an underground site to be sealed until the year 12,000 AD, is a genuine matter of life and death.