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Designers with a life to match

Issue 30, Winter 1998


I was cautious about the Eames show at the Design Museum – it seemed to…

A gap between screen and page

Issue 43, Spring 2002


This is the book of the well received British TV series ‘Bridge’. The book is…

You may not want to hear

Issue 29, Autumn 1998


Bruce Nauman’s work famously defies easy categorisation. So writers who attempt to interpret his oeuvre…

The myth-maker of LA

Issue 53, Autumn 2004


The first time I visited Los Angeles I bought a book called Twentysix Abandoned Gasoline…

Another look at British identity

Issue 41, Autumn 2001


The Bus is part a then-and-now portrait portfolio, part autobiography, part essay on documentary photography…

In every home an architect

Issue 31, Spring 1999


Two government booklets, Space in the Home and Metric House Shells, endorse Modernist concepts of good design for the public wellbeing

Big book, little buildings

Issue 34, Winter 1999


In its first edition, this seminal book was a groundbreaking collision between architecture and graphic design, emphasising 'image' over 'form'

Out of town shopping

Issue 34, Winter 1999


Though its public lettering reassures customers with poetry and fiction this shimmering mall is, at heart, a three dimensional shopping catalogue

Reduced Eden: gardens and flowers

Issue 39, Spring 2001


Scopophilic horticulture is back with a vengeance. Photographers and designers strive to represent raw nature in the form of outdoor chill-out spaces: sublimated eroticism for the consuming classes, or a canonic celebration of the persistence and transience of beauty?

Picture books: luxury and meaning

Issue 36, Summer 2000


The design of lavish illustrated tomes often shows a lack of confidence, or perhaps a confident lack of understanding, in the marriage of words and images. Yet the best books are poetic: a minimum of means produces a maximum of meaning

Growing up in public

Issue 34, Winter 1999


To tackle bigger projects and take more responsibility, graphic designers will have to get together and…


Issue 56, Summer 2005


London 2012 Olympic bid campaign