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Jump cuts: Oliver Latta aka Extraweg

Issue 104, Spring 2023


‘I want to pull the viewers out of their comfort zone and, what is most important, I want to make them feel or think something’ [EXTRACT]

Jump cuts: Hiromu Oka

Issue 104, Spring 2023


‘By using Risograph to actually print on paper and then digitally scan it, I was able to create an authentic warmth’ [EXTRACT]

The narrator is present

Issue 104, Spring 2023


Kenneth FitzGerald has been writing about design since 1996, when his first commissioned piece – a…

Unfinished narratives

Issue 103, Summer 2022


In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of books and projects that…

Love letter to the future

Issue 102, Autumn 2021


The book’s position is stated in the title; it looks at design in relation to sexism, ableism and racism …

Japan in the fast lane

Issue 102, Autumn 2021


Tokyo 1964 Official Poster (No 3) Butterfly Swimmer designed by Kamekura Yūsaku. Courtesy of Prince Chichibu…

The designer as podcaster

Issue 98, Spring 2019


Podcasts deliver a mini-conference to the smartphone in your pocket

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Parisienne walkways

22 January 2024
Book design

A new trilogy from the Mainstone Press is a whimsical journey through shopfronts, fairgrounds and the literary scene of 1920s Paris. By Gabriela Matuszyk
The Mainstone Press may be known to those interested in British artist, designers and illustrators from…

FEED’s big vision

9 October 2023
Design history, Graphic design, Visual culture, Events and exhibitions

A conference in Warsaw devoted to Eastern European design launched a conversation about stories yet untold. By Gabriela Matuszyk

A September 2023 conference in Warsaw launched the first Festival Eastern European Design (FEED).

The collaboration games

20 June 2023
Graphic design, Reviews, Technology, Visual culture, Events and exhibitions

London Design Biennale 2023 positions design as a tool for global collaboration. By Gabriela Matuszyk

The biennale theme, ‘The Global Game’, responds to the current cultural climate by referencing Buckminster Fuller’s World Game …

Access to the futures of type

12 December 2022
New media, Reviews, Technology, Typography, Events and exhibitions

‘Inscript’, a five-day virtual type festival, provided a platform for new technologies and new approaches to typography. By Gabriela Matuszyk

The inaugural experimental type festival ‘Inscript’ took place online from 12-16 October 2022 ...

Serious fun

25 May 2022
Book design, Graphic design, Reviews, Visual culture

Camille Walala’s new monograph makes explicit the influences on her colourful community projects, furniture and large-scale public art. Review by Gabriela Matuszyk

In Taking Joy Seriously, Camille Walala shows how bold colours and playful patterns have become a fundamental part of her practice …

Year of the pictograms

8 September 2021
Brand madness, Design history, Graphic design, Information design, Posters, Reviews, Events and exhibitions

‘Tokyo 1964’ demonstrates the lasting influence of that year’s games on design for the Olympics
As this year’s Tokyo Olympic Games were nearing their end, an exhibition exploring the legacy…

Risoholics of the world unite!

23 November 2020
Book design, Design education, Graphic design, Technology

A book printed entirely in Risograph technology seeks to share the love of this intriguing printing technique. By Gabriela Matuszyk and Kiki Chang
It took 850 days, 74 tubes of soy ink, fifteen colours, 660 masters, 690,000 sheets…

A matter of (sour) taste

30 July 2020
Food design, Graphic design, Posters, Uncategorized, Visual culture

The Slavs and Tatars collective makes satirical exhibitions and installations that use pickling as a metaphor. By Gabriela Matuszyk
‘Pickle Politics’ is an eight-work cycle from collective Slavs and Tatars, writes Gabriela Matuszyk. For…

Designers are only human

25 May 2018
Critical path, Graphic design, Typography, Visual culture

‘Beyond Change’, a wide-ranging conference in Basel, Switzerland, gave voice to subjects often ignored within design discourse. By Katie Evans and Gabriela Matuszyk.
Thursday 8 March 2018 was International Women’s Day, marking the end of a significant twelve…