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17 things we know about Daniel Eatock

Issue 70, Winter 2008


1. British designer Daniel Eatock formed Foundation 33 in 2000 with…

Page turner overdrive

Issue 69, Autumn 2008


Books are never just books. They can be catalogues, toys, models, play centres…

What’s the (under) score?

Issue 67, Spring 2008


Did you realise that there is an ‘invisible’ typo on the celebrated cover for…

Heavy Hitters

Issue 66, Winter 2007


AGI: Graphic Design since 1950. The first 600-odd pages of this 800-page brick…

Homage to ‘The Beatles of typefaces’

Issue 47, Spring 2003


This small (164 mm x 124 mm) but substantial hardback is a provocative visual essay…

Sex, death and grinning condoms

Issue 47, Spring 2003


This is a fascinating collection of HIV / AIDS prevention posters from around the…

Photographs of food

Issue 41, Autumn 2001


Published and designed by the Swiss / American practice Coromandel Design, 01.2…

Art’s talented daughter

Issue 37, Autumn 2000


Laurie Anderson’s communication skills, drawing ability and fund of ideas might…

Maira to the max

Issue 76, Summer 2010


The illustrative art of Maira Kalman (see Reputations, Eye 47) has a special…

Postcard backs

Issue 45, Autumn 2002


The normally ignored verso of the common postcard is put under the spotlight