Issue 70


Editorial Eye 70
John L. Walters
Given the sophisticated times we live in, it is odd to note how often the…
Riches and embarrassment
Rick Poynor
A book of Swiss competition winners makes a virtue of its cold and awkward design. Yet if the jury seeks debate, as it claims, it must be prepared to explain its decisions. Critique by Rick Poynor
I have nothing to declare but my networking skills
Agenda [extract], Deborah Littlejohn
Creative genius’ is so last millennium. What design students want – and need – is skill in collaborative online technology


The Word on the street
Andrew Robertson
Asked to make a graphic intervention for a Lisbon chapel turned gallery, design studio R2 turned to everyday irreverences
The last picture shows
Mike Kippenhan
Magic box: craft and the computer
David Crow
Long undervalued as a poor relation of art and design, craft is central once more. Essay by David Crow
Make it real
Steve Hare
Forget fancy effects – ‘authenticity’ may be the most effective way to capture an audience
Buying into the Norm cosmos
Liz Farrelly
The Swiss practice’s typefaces are quirky, oddly popular, and deceptively simple – also a critical response to neutrality
Power of two
John L. Walters
Clients who hire the company behind Five’s new identity always work directly with the main men
Foot Prints
Barney Cox
Why do we assume that online publishing is greener than print and paper?
Play and playbill
Richard Hollis
Theatre programmes present designers with a challenge that can be turned into a dramatic opportunity
Quiet spirit of joy
Alan Powers
By championing pattern-making, art and ephemera, the Curwen Press brought a new ‘Comfy Modernism’ to commercial printing
Step and repeat
John L. Walters
Richard Rhys’s new foundry, which sells original patterns by designers and artists, gives a new twist to a timeless concept
It’s about time
Anthony Oliver
From a technical viewpoint, digital photographic images can be every bit as good as film. The difference is in the way we think about them