Michael Rock

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P. Scott Makela is wired

Issue 12, Spring 1994


Does Minneapolis-based Makela’s electro-futurism embody the end of the 1980s or a new avant-garde?…

The Museum of the Ordinary

Issue 28, Summer 1998


The exhibits are the entire contents of a swathe of blocks on downtown New York. A proposal and…

This is not a cigar

Issue 8, Autumn 1993


Graphic design has always resisted analysis, but new critical approaches show there is more to…

The designer as author

Issue 20, Spring 1996


Graphic authorship is taken for granted by many design theorists and it is gaining ground within…

Beyond typography

Issue 15, Winter 1994


Fuse’s talented team is on an inspired quest to ‘Make it new!’ But what is the project really…

What is this thing called graphic design criticism?

Issue 16, Spring 1995


In the last ten years a substantial body of critical writing on graphic design has amassed. In this…