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Read this aloud

Issue 23, Winter 1996


Pierre di Sciullo’s experimental alphabets interrogate the conventions that govern the way we read, write and talk

Public works

Issue 32, Summer 1999


For the renovations at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Pierre Bernard devised a temporary system of signs and type to be hoisted high and crossed out.

Reputations: Jean Widmer

Issue 34, Winter 1999


‘Signage reflects both the complexity of space and the way a place is organised. And it is very satisfying’

Form follows attitude

Issue 20, Spring 1996


Lars Muller’s dissatisfaction with design’s service role led him to set up his own publishing house

Reputations: Gérard Paris-Clavel

Issue 27, Spring 1998


‘I always transform the commission: the role of all graphic designers is to question the brief before answering it’