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Drawn from the capital

Issue 101, Summer 2021


London can be a hard city to love, but David Gentleman always finds good reasons, which…

Pictures on a page

Issue 84, Autumn 2012


This Eye special issue about Monotype focuses on the technology of putting words on the…

Whose space?

Issue 66, Winter 2007


When the demands of Neoliberalism play havoc with our lives, it is time to fight back, and designers wield the sharpest tools

Reputations: David Gentleman

Issue 78, Winter 2010


‘I did absolutely anything that came my way, which I’ve done throughout my life. But what I know about design, as opposed to wood engravings or illustrating, I learned from stamps – my interest in refining an idea down to an absolute minimum.’

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Friendships and glue

30 May 2017
Design history, Graphic design, Illustration, Visual culture

A book of scrapbook pages gives new insights into the world of illustrator Edward Bawden
Designer-illustrator Edward Bawden is remembered for a prolific career that embraced posters, book covers, illustrations…

Posters of protest and peace

7 July 2015
Design history, Graphic design, Posters, Reviews

This Czech poster book contains much that is fresh and surprising, but makes some odd omissions. Review by Ken Garland
The context for the work shown in this book is usefully established by the 7…

Wanted: space for posters

7 March 2013
Design history, Graphic design, Posters, Visual culture

In the wake of last week’s V&A symposium, two attendees make an impassioned plea for the foundation of a British poster museum.
For more than two centuries the poster has occupied public space on hoardings, building sites…

Signs of Revolt

12 November 2009
Graphic design, Photography, Visual culture

Ten years after Seattle, the visual force of today’s social movements
In November 1999, an alliance of direct action activists, environmentalists and trade unionists, shut down…