Henryk Tomaszewski

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Poland’s graphic pioneers

Issue 92, Summer 2016


Publications attempting a comprehensive overview of a country’s graphic design history have appeared on a…

The Painted Word

Issue 4, Summer 1991


While some designers rush for their keyboards, Henryk Tomaszewski prefers to create his posters as he always has — with a paintbrush

The accessible elite

Issue 86, Autumn 2013


Linda Kwon reports on a design conference that aims to fight the ‘velvet rope syndrome’

Out of hand

Issue 80, Summer 2011


Handwriting is a touchstone in the history of graphic design, where lettering meets the messy reality of the human body

Reinterpreting the classics

Issue 21, Summer 1996


For a handful of classical record companies, expressive design is a commercial priority.

Sticks in the mind

Issue 69, Autumn 2008


Does anyone care about posters, or are they just an ego-trip for the designers who still make them?

Theatre of dreams

Issue 14, Autumn 1994


Andrzej Klimowski is obsessed with eyes, faces, hands, angels and devils. He is one of Britain’s most haunting image-makers