Herbert Spencer

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This is a specimen

Issue 47, Spring 2003


Printers once promoted themselves through their knowledge of type

Willem Sandberg: Warm printing

Issue 25, Summer 1997


The Dutch pioneer’s catalogues for the Stedelijk show a tactile use of sensual materials and experimental typography

Reputations: Peter Saville

Issue 17, Summer 1995


‘This is a post-design era. It’s deliberately going against all those things that were canonised in the 1980s and are now exhausted.’

Herbert Spencer: 1924-2002

Issue 44, Summer 2002


Ken Garland recalls the late British designer and editor who died earlier this year

Surface wreckage

Issue 34, Winter 1999


Three books showing accidental collages of torn posters an other random marks revive interest in a style of image-making drawn from the city streets