Issue 44


John L. Walters
Why Homer liked graphic design conferences
A new ‘flag’?
Rick Poynor
Hold the front page! Rem Koolhaas devises a ‘bar code’ for Europe. Critique by Rick Poynor
Inspiration: Pioneer 10 plaque (1972)
Design history, Illustration, Information design, Technology, Visual culture, Gary Benzel, Todd St. John
Billions of miles from Earth and still travelling, this etched metal plaque is the furthest piece of design from our planet. Appreciated by Gary Benzel and Todd St. John of HunterGatherer
Springtime for Hitler and Lego
Monitor, Steven Heller
A review of ‘Mirroring evil’ at the Jewish Museum, New York


Herbert Spencer: 1924-2002
Ken Garland
Ken Garland recalls the late British designer and editor who died earlier this year
Phil Baines
In an-depth pictorial essay Phil Baines examines the ways major UK newspapers, tabloid and broadsheet, presented the events of September 11
Ikko Tanaka’s posters were elegant, but spoke to the person in the street
Jan Erik Posth
Photographer Jan Erik Posth’s collection of European postboxes provides the opportunity for a neat graphic enquiry
Simon Esterson
A newspaper is a giant kit of parts that gets assembled in different ways each day. Contemporary newspaper design is about trying to define how the kit should look and work. Drawing on examples from throughout the world, Simon Esterson examines the process
staff writer
This year the American Institute of Graphic Arts presented the NYT a special award for its innovative ‘A National Challenged’ supplement which reported on the aftermath of 11 September. This report includes key spreads and covers from the supplement. Tom Bodkin, NYT design director, recalls the decisions and experiences behind the publication of these pages
Time Out covers
Emily King
Pearce Marchbank’s covers added an editorial edge to a listings magazine
Big subject, little pictures
David Thompson
Joe Sacco uses the comics medium to describe the lives of Palestinians
Miki Kato
The Japanese obsession with cute icons is rooted in cultural tradition