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Whose space?

Issue 66, Winter 2007


When the demands of Neoliberalism play havoc with our lives, it is time to fight back, and designers wield the sharpest tools

Case studies

Issue 81, Autumn 2011


Case studies from Chris Maillard’s article ‘The far side’

Sound and vision

Issue 76, Summer 2010


Given the visceral feelings stirred by music, it’s time we found new, meaningful associations between music and design.

Attacked by music, type and light

Issue 76, Summer 2010


Technology on tour. Noel Douglas talks to UVA’s Matt Clark about their sets for Massive Attack

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Graphic design live #15

27 February 2024
Graphic design, Events and exhibitions

Paula Scher in Munich; Type Tuesday with Astrid Stavro and Luca Pitoni; Ellen Lupton in New York and online; Futuress and Brand New Life in Basel; UVA and Barbara Kruger in London.

Current and upcoming events that have piqued our interest: exhibitions, conferences, talks and workshops …

Evidence of health

22 March 2012
Graphic design, Illustration, Visual culture

Part two of Bowman & Edgar’s report from Dublin conference Offset 2012
Pam Bowman and Matt Edgar report from the Offset 2012 conference in Dublin. See part one…

Brit Insurance Design Awards

18 January 2011
Awards madness, Book design, Graphic design, Music design, New media, Technology, Visual culture

Bantjes, Shandy, Flipboard and E.Chromi make the (long) shortlist
London’s Design Museum announced the shortlist for this year’s Brit Insurance Design awards this morning…