Monday, 3:30pm
18 March 2013

Noted #51

Sign painters, film trailers, Nieves’ zines, Tom Gauld and Pencil to Pixel in New York

A few books, videos, zines and events that caught our eye …

Spread from Sign Painters by Faythe Levine and Sam Macon. Top: The Monotype Newsletter edited by Beatrice Warde from the 40-page feature ‘Deep in the Monotype archive’ in Eye 84.


Recently published book Sign Painters, by Faythe Levine and Sam Macon (Princeton Architectural Press, £15.99, $24.95), documents the work of more than 25 sign painters (such as Stephen Powers, Phil Vandervaart and Caitlin Galloway) across the United States.

Alongside research for the title, Levine and Macon (in collaboration with cinematographer Travis Auclair) set out to shoot a documentary film (trailer below) in order to ‘show the general public how sign painters contribute to our society.’

Sign Painters (official trailer) on Vimeo.

Nieves, an independent publishing house in Zurich, has released their 2012 Zine Box (£150) featuring zines from twenty artists and designers such as Stefan Marx, Shoboshobo and Rob Lowe.

Lowe (aka Supermundane) will be speaking at the Catch-up Conference on image making and art direction, Sat 23 March at Mexico Project Space, Leeds.


For a quick look at Nieves’ publications, check out its simple iPhone and iPad applications that showcase digital micro zines in a skeuomorphic setting, with plastic wrapped titles (above) and scanned paper textures. Each zine has a four-page preview and sells for 69p.

Tom Gauld, Untitled (cover for a book), 2009.

PMU-2011-Tom Gauld, Untitled (cover for a book), 2009

Illustrator / cartoonist Tom Gauld will be speaking at The Typographic Circle 27 March 2013 before the release of his book You’re All Just Jealous of my Jetpack this spring. Read ‘Gentle Giant’, Clare Walters’ review of Gauld’s Goliath in Eye 83.

Monotype’s Pencil to Pixel exhibition, seen in London late last year, will be on display in New York from 3 > 9 May 2013. See the installation video on YouTube (below).

Read more about Monotype’s history in our current issue, Eye 84.


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