Thursday, 1:23pm
7 August 2014

Noted #62

Hoogerbrugge, Comic Sans for Cancer, Leaving the Building, (Re)Brand USA and posters

Here are a few more things that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Han Hoogerbrugge, author of Pro Stress, handed us a catalogue of his work (from 2008 to the present) on a bright red USB memory stick that reads CFA. This stands for Clumsiness, Frustrations and Awkwardness (the title of his new hardback book) and it looks particularly striking plugged into the Mac mini.

Han Hoogerbrugge’s CFA memory stick.
Top: detail of Comic Sans for Cancer poster by Dan Hinde.


Cover of Pro Stress: The Time to Relax Is When You Don’t Have Time for It.


Comic Sans for Cancer’ is a poster exhibition to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the infamous Comic Sans designed by Vincent Connare. The exhibition proceeds will benefit Cancer Research UK and will include work by 180 designers, artists and studios including posters by Bibliothèque, Hey Studio and Spin.

Comic Sans for Cancer poster by Dan Hinde.


Poster by Build.


Poster by Marisa De Senanachif.


Leaving the Building is the exhibition catalogue of the University of South Wales BA Photographic Art students. The student work varies in concept and execution but shows the breadth of the course and its potential outcomes. Elizabeth Hewson worked with the idea of ‘virtual representation’, transforming analogue photos to linear code that was then intentionally corrupted, while Jacob Sanders’ work played with long exposures to create ethereal imagery captured on mountain biking trails. Leaving the Building was co-edited by graduate Matt Colquhoun and BA Photographic Art course leader Peter Bobby, and designed by final year student Oliver Norcott.

Cover of Leaving The Building, 2014. Publication design by Oliver Norcott.


Lottie Morris, Plenitude, from Leaving The Building, 2014.


Eric Heiman, principal and co-founder of Volume Inc., tells us about (Re)Brand USA, which unofficially tackles the challenge of ‘rebranding’ the United States. ‘My hope with the project,’ writes Heiman, ‘was to inject some ambivalence into a practice that rarely makes room for such, cultivating work that fulfils the project brief but also opens up a critical discussion around both the “brand promise” of the United States and the notion of nation branding itself.’ The four designers charged with this brief are Jeremy Mende, MGMT. design, Playlab Inc. and Lucienne Roberts. (Heiman wrote ‘The new, weird America’ in Eye 68.)

Cover of (Re)Brand USA, designed by Eric Heiman / Volume Inc. /


Spread from (Re)Brand USA, with 50 new flags designed by MGMT, based on modern American statistics.


There are several poster exhibitions on right now, including posters by Lex Reitsma at the Stedelijk in Amsterdam, the ‘Yorkshire in Yellow’ poster exhibition at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield and the ‘International Poster Biennale’ at the Wilanów Muzeum Plakatu (Poster Museum) in Warsaw.

Insallation photograph from the ‘Opera at the Stedelijk: Lex Reitsma + Eiko Ishiok’ exhibition at Amsterdam’s Stedelijk museum. Photo by Gert Jan Van Rooij.


The ‘Yorkshire in Yellow’ exhibition continues until 7 September 2014. Poster by OWT.


‘International Poster Biennale’ at the Wilanów Muzeum Plakatu (Poster Museum) in Warsaw continues until 14 September 2014.


You can find more information about current exhibitions (posters and more) and events on the Eye Events page. If you have a design / illustration show you would like to announce, please let us know using the ‘freelance at eyemagazine dot com’ address.

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