Issue 6


Agenda, Bridget Wilkins

Why is design history so obsessed by appearance?


Rick Poynor

‘People are using the computer in a very rigid, pseudo-religious way and we are trying to say that the…

Liz Farrelly

Four years ago, Rick Valicenti said goodbye to his corporate clients and set out to reinvent himself.…

Simon Watney

Poster campaigns have an important role to play in AIDS health education. But what makes an effective…

Liz Farrelly

How AIDS activists use design to hammer home their message.

Julia Thrift

He was a pioneer of British graphics, but he refused to sign his own work

Rick Poynor

Barry Deck’s Template Gothic is vernacular in inspiration and futuristic in effect. Is it a bizarre…

Hughes Boekraad, Gerard Hadders

New work from graduates of Amsterdam’s famous academy.