Opinion: Typography


Is type design teaching losing its soul?

Typography, Education

Formulaic, modular approaches threaten the chemistry of the master-apprentice model.


Design history, Graphic design, Typography, Inspiration

Designer Simon Esterson finds inspiration in Ken Briggs’s National Theatre programmes from the 1960s
‘Type-only Penguins sell a million’ shock

‘Type-only Penguins sell a million’ shock

Book design, Typography, Monitor

Penguin uses design to revitalise its back catalogue with Great Ideas and a revived Reference Library

The big reveal: theatrical typography

New media, Typography, Screen

Website choreography lets characters sing, dance and roll over, but you can learn several lessons from the routine revelations of daytime TV soap operas.

Fuzzy logic for furry animals

Reviews, Typography

Reason, sense and high-tech at the FUSE98 conference

Editorial Eye 15

Graphic design, Technology, Typography, Editorial

In the three and a half years since Fuse, the interactive type magazine, was started…


Design history, Illustration, Typography

Type designer Jason Smith takes an appreciative look at the shapely curves of Eric Gill’s erotic woodcuts



The ruins of Baalbek in the Lebanon
Get the message?

Get the message?

Technology, Typography, Agenda

Legibility is relative. Is it time we broke the tablets of stone? Agenda by Michèle-Anne Dauppe
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