Brett Wickens

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The layers of a floating image

Issue 16, Spring 1995


There is something very satisfying about opening a new software product from Adobe. From the…

Photography without film: Digital imaging

Issue 8, Autumn 1992


Advertising and design agencies are firmly committed to digital artworking and reprographic techniques, but until…

Manipulation for the masses

Issue 25, Summer 1997


Version 4 of Adobe Photoshop, the champion of photo processing software, comes with new tools for Web designers

Website design for grown-ups

Issue 26, Autumn 1997


The five windows of GoLive CyberStudio 2.0 help Web designers and HTML programmers to get along better

Waiting for the total toolset

Issue 21, Summer 1996


Macromedia Director 5 is much improved, but still not quite the ultimate all-in-one toolset

Adobe unpacks suitcase rival

Issue 23, Winter 1996


Symantec’s Macintosh font handler, Suitcase, has had a radical overhaul, but so has Adobe Type Manager Deluxe

Konnishi wa to multilingual type

Issue 9, Summer 1993


Increased globalisation of business means English-speaking designers are working more and more frequently on foreign…

The desktop repro-house

Issue 4, Summer 1991


Asking a graphic designer if he recommends desktop repro is like asking a general practitioner…