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This is 1968. . .This is Mexico

Issue 56, Summer 2005


Linking Huichol imagery to Op Art gave the Mexico Olympics a memorable graphic identity

‘Femicide’ posters

Issue 49, Autumn 2003


300 murders near the Ciudad Juárez sweatshops provoke a graphic ‘shout’

In any colour so long as it’s white

Issue 48, Summer 2003


Why does Mexican advertising look nothing like the Mexicans?

Graphic tourism

Issue 51, Spring 2004


Shooting, cropping and editing turns the vernacular into glossy publishing.

This is not Mexico

Issue 59, Spring 2006


Letter from Eduardo Terrazas and Beatrice Trueblood / reply by Daoud Sarhandi

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Bosnian War Posters

30 April 2022
Book design, Design history, Posters

A powerful collection of graphic art, collected shortly after the war ended, tells an emotive story of frenzied nationalism. By Daoud Sarhandi

In mid-1995, however, I went to Bosnia with a burning sense of outrage … we tracked down and photographed around 700 posters, magazine covers and postcards.

Racism revisited

7 March 2012
Design history, Graphic design, Illustration, Magazines, Posters, Visual culture

Mexico’s advertisers can’t escape their obsession with unfeasible whiteness
Regular Eye readers may remember a thematically diverse series of articles from Mexico that I’ve…