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Drawn into conversation

Issue 72, Summer 2009


More big brands are making more use of illustration: pastiche, cartoons, caricature - even original ideas. Is this the smarter way to say 'honest', 'natural' and 'popular'?


Issue 61, Autumn 2006


Smear, featuring a caricature of UK politician Jeremy Thorpe, is the Penguin Special that never was

When all the dials were set to ‘lurid’

Issue 81, Autumn 2011


‘The past,’ as L.P. Hartley opened The Go-Between in 1953, ‘is a foreign country: they…

Nostalgia to tingle the spine

Issue 66, Winter 2007


Seven Hundred Penguins (Penguin, £20) is exactly what it says it is: 700 utterly random…

Roadshows and rickshaws

Issue 64, Summer 2007


Folk images help BBC World Service promote its 21st-century virtues to a rural Indian audience

Make it real

Issue 70, Winter 2008


Forget fancy effects – ‘authenticity’ may be the most effective way to capture an audience

By printers, for printers

Issue 60, Summer 2006


Until its 1980s demise, ‘Penrose’ documented a fascinating trail of printing and design developments

Made in their image

Issue 62, Winter 2006


In a world crammed with pictures, both art directors and agencies are compelled to rethink their roles

Predictive text

Issue 66, Winter 2007


A short history of the future can only start with a look at yesterday’s latest thing

‘Type-only Penguins sell a million’ shock

Issue 54, Winter 2004


Penguin uses design to revitalise its back catalogue with Great Ideas and a revived Reference Library