Issue 72


the editor, John L. Walters
Last summer we tackled the canon of graphic design history in a special issue; this…
Bad timing
Rick Poynor
In a new Obama-led world order, Omega’s lust for luxury seems as misplaced as a licence to kill. Critique by Rick Poynor
Agenda, Steven Heller
Over-abundant embellishment is spiralling out of control. Time to get out the shears, cries Steven Heller.
Education, Tania Prill
A window on the world of learning, from school to uni; from postgraduate study to CPD.
Education, Elizabeth Resnick
In March, Robert Linsky and I went to China with fourteen MassArt [Massachusetts College of…
Eye Education, Verena Gerlach
From 15 to 17 April 2009 I had the opportunity to spend a few days…


Reputations: Marian Bantjes
John L. Walters
‘I’ve come close to working with a couple of agencies for very big brands, but either the money isn’t there or the agency just has a stupid idea that I’m not interested in working on. Like they want type with a bunch of bullshit curlicues coming off it. Yawn. Go away.’
Sampling the Modern
Bill Mackay's lucid work for GF Smith established a design tradition now continued by SEA
Body type
Keith Miller
This exquisitely designed tattoo magazine is a heady mix of fetishism, art, philosophy and popular culture
Schism and reunification
Adrian Shaughnessy
Where there was once discord, there is now harmony, as design zealously embraces the made image. Adrian Shaughnessy analyses ‘this new hybrid – type-based yet infused with fluid and expressive qualities’
Artwork and play
Robert Hanks
Brian Knight’s lovingly detailed paintings of ships, planes and cars trace an elegiac path for postwar industry
Storytelling giant
Steven Heller
Everything Christoph Niemann makes, from visual blogs to picture books, reveals his witty, literate personality
Fired up and hired
MTV has championed animators from every corner of the globe, while the technology of creation and delivery has been evolving as fast as the channel itself. But now the stakes have changed
Drawn into conversation
Steve Hare
More big brands are making more use of illustration: pastiche, cartoons, caricature - even original ideas. Is this the smarter way to say 'honest', 'natural' and 'popular'?
The orderly chaos of James Joyce
John L. Walters
The blank canvas of a monthly flyer gave this graphic designer the opportunity to become a full time illustrator