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Banquet for a dude

Issue 105, Autumn 2023


The late Milton Glaser occupies a unique position at the pinnacle of Anglo-American graphic design. While…

Milton Glaser: Design eminence

Issue 100, Summer 2020


‘Buttons, flyers, posters, postcards, T-shirts and books. How primitive are the means we have to dissent. And yet I believe these modest tools can help change history.’

A grasp of political design

Issue 57, Autumn 2005


‘Political Design after the Cold War’ is probably a rubbish name for a book. However…

Keepers of the flame

Issue 80, Summer 2011


US picture magazines of the late 1960s and 70s are still a vital source of inspiration

Conference madness

Issue 49, Autumn 2003


It’s a messy hybrid of live chat show, summer camp, theatre and rock’n’roll

Love of lexicons

Issue 78, Winter 2010


The dictionary framework allows readers to find random nuggets of information, forging connections that reflect the arbitrary nature of life.

Reputations: Milton Glaser

Issue 25, Summer 1997


‘I am nervous about ideologies, whether it’s the ideology of business or the ideology of Bolshevism. I get nervous in the presence of absolute certainty’

Changing of the guard

Issue 8, Autumn 1992


American graphic design is divided. The once rebellious avant-garde has become the status quo, while the new guard shun their elders’ example and adhere to few of the old ‘isms’

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Type Tuesday: I ❤️ MG

9 July 2020
Design education, Design history, Illustration, Magazines, Type Tuesday, Events and exhibitions

Join us via Zoom for Eye’s Type Tuesday special on 14 July 2020 to hear Steven Heller and a panel of guests pay tribute to Milton Glaser
Milton Glaser, who died last month on 26 June, his 91st birthday, is such an…

Books received #31

15 January 2018
Book design, Graphic design, Illustration, Photography, Reviews, Visual culture

Fili in Barcelona, the colours of Pawson, Bierut’s essays, dissent and the Resistance, and Alice Hawkins’ highly personal adventures
Here is yet another selection of books that caught our attention in recent weeks and…

Books received #18

11 April 2016
Book design, Graphic design, Photography, Visual culture

A Smile in the Mind, London A to Z, Jean Tinguely, Bad Bonn Song Book and Eating With The Eyes
Here are a few books that caught our attention in recent weeks … all reviewed…

Remediation in Warsaw

4 April 2016
Critical path, Graphic design, Posters, Visual culture

Posters aren’t dead, they’re just off the wall. David Crowley explains the thinking behind the forthcoming Warsaw International Poster Biennale
The Warsaw International Poster Biennale is 50 years old in June, writes David Crowley. Once…

Kemistry’s greatest hits

13 March 2015
Design history, Graphic design, Illustration, Posters, Typography, Visual culture

Kemistry Gallery’s brief pop-up exhibition at Protein Studios gives visitors a chance to sample its quirky approach to design and graphic art
Kemistry Gallery occupied a small space in Shoreditch for ten years, and in that time…

Indie mag renaissance

3 October 2014
Graphic design, Magazines, Typography

Magazine geeks gather at the second annual Modern Magazine conference in London
The second Modern Magazine conference organised by magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie was an enthusiastic celebration of…

In and out of registration

5 September 2014
Design education, Graphic design, Posters, Typography

Be very afraid … a Deptford primary school houses a design summer camp for grown-ups with a difference
Back to school came early for the 50+ workshop attendees who ventured to a disused…

Design for eating: Milton Glaser

15 July 2014
Food design, Graphic design, Illustration, Typography

Milton Glaser recalls working with an inspirational client – the great New York restaurateur Joe Baum (1920-98). Interview by John L. Walters
New York designer Milton Glaser has long been associated with design for food and drink…

Offset 2014: day two

7 April 2014
Graphic design, Illustration, Music design, Typography, Visual culture

Bjørn Rune Lie, Sarah Illenberger, Hingston, Brody, Glaser and Maser. Pam Bowman continues her coverage of the Dublin Offset conference.
Speaker Bjørn Rune Lie began Saturday’s line-up presenting to a surprisingly full theatre, given that…

A century of lick and stick

28 November 2013
Design history, Graphic design, Reviews, Visual culture

Michael Russem’s Postage Stamps By AIGA Medalists features graphic design in miniature from 1909-2007
Michael Russem’s book Postage Stamps by AIGA Medalists, showcases almost every known stamp designed by…

Seymour and Milton

1 October 2013
Design history, Graphic design, Illustration, Posters

A poster show at Kemistry Gallery celebrates two founders of New York’s Push Pin studio
A current exhibition at the small Kemistry gallery in Shoreditch features posters by Seymour Chwast…

Talking about the A-Word

13 May 2013

John O’Reilly reports from day one of the inaugural Point Conference in London, where the designated theme was ‘authenticity’.
There was a little thought-bubble that imagined Erik Spiekermann carving out his lecture, live, on…