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Every word in its place

Issue 84, Autumn 2012


Reading Richard Hollis’s writings, one can’t help wondering how the esteemed…

Ways of seeing design

Issue 83, Summer 2012


From the breadth and vitality of the recent densely compiled retrospective…

Overprinting techniques

Issue 43, Spring 2002


Some examples and a call for submissions…

Reputations: Richard Hollis

Issue 59, Spring 2006


‘The ideal situation is where you sit with the client and design with them. If anything is…

French connections


Slender and serious, Back Cover is emerging as a Gallic platform for a resolutely non-American view…

Godard: Images, Sounds, Politics.

Issue 9, Summer 1993


For the first in a new series, Eye revisits Richard Hollis’s innovatory design for a book on the…

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Graphic design by Richard Hollis

4 April 2012

Mark Thomson reviews the exhibition at Gallery Libby Sellers in London
There are few occasions when something is genuinely unmissable, writes Mark Thomson, but for designers and students of design and curating alike, this is one. Hollis may be among the most influential British designers of the past 50 years, but this is the first serious survey of his design work.