Friday, 5:30pm
26 April 2019

Eye 98 out now

The latest issue of Eye is a type special

The latest issue of Eye has been printed and it’s on its way to subscribers and shops right now.

A typographic memorial in Tugelaweg, Amsterdam, 2016, laser cut into a 350m long steel fence. Design: Hansje van Halem. See ‘Strategy of excess’ in Eye 98.
Top: Eye 98 has three different coloured covers, shown here being printed at Pureprint.

11. Tugelaweg_CE43858-HvHalem

This type special issue includes the must-read, three-part ‘Type Now’ (with articles by Jan Middendorp, Sarah Snaith and Peter Biľak), a profile of Hansje van Halem and Mark Thomson’s detailed tribute to the late Bram de Does. Elizabeth Resnick writes about the influential Swiss designer Thérèse Moll (1934-61).

Since 1997, Rainer Gerstenberg has been running his type foundry at the Haus für Industriekultur in Darmstadt. Photograph by Norman Posselt. See ‘Last man casting’ in Eye 98.

1. 160321-Rainer-Gerstenberg-NP-0241

In ‘Last man casting’, Ferdinand Ulrich visits one of the foundries to cast metal type (in Darmstadt), and a piece about Commercial Classics is illustrated by photos of the punches, matrices, specimens and smoke proofs in St Bride Library that inspired Paul Barnes’s extensive revival of nineteenth-century typefaces.

Długa Street, Krakow, 1962, from the series taken by Wojciech Zamecznik for Polnische Plakatkunst (Econ, 1962), though not used in the book. See ‘Posters for the people’ in Eye 98.


In the Front Matter section you can read ‘The designer as podcaster’ by Katie Evans and Gabriela Matuszyk, Sarah Snaith on design education in Argentina, a short feature about the Design Canada documentary and Rick Poynor’s latest Photo Critique, about Polish designer Wojciech Zamecznik, which you can read right now on the Eye website. The extensive Uncoated section includes Peter Biľak’s review of Gerard Unger’s Theory of Type Design, Paul Kahn on W. E. B. Du Bois’s Data Portraits, and John L. Walters’s review, which you can read in full, of Art Kane Harlem 1958.

To get an idea of Eye 98 in all its typographic glory, see below.

A full list of the issue’s contents is right here.


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