Tuesday, 7:30am
29 August 2023

Graphic design live #14

John Warwicker in Tokyo and Kyoto; Eastern European Design in Warsaw; Hipgnosis and Christopher Wilson in London; and failed posters of environmental crisis.

With summer coming to a close, Eye curated a selection of current and upcoming events worth noting in your calendars. To stay up to date with exhibitions, conferences, talks and workshops, read the Eye Events page, updated weekly.

Currently on
John Warwicker: Amateur 28 Prints
to 17 September 2023
Location: Tokyo and Kyoto

In 1991, John Warwicker was a founding member of the prolific group tomato (see ‘Information sculpture’ in Eye 15), a cooperative studio of artists, designers, musicians and writers who placed collaboration as their core value. He also made his name as creative director of Underworld, a British electronic music group with distinct experimental grunge aesthetic. Despite his abundant experience in creative field, Warwicker still thinks of himself as an ‘amateur’, which drives him to experiment with ideas, mediums, tools and techniques on daily basis.

Within two exhibitions taking place in Tokyo and Kyoto, John Warwicker will present a series of prints, including Underworld album cover art works, rare experimental pieces, and artworks inspired by photographer Takuma Nakahira’s photo book For a Language to Come. Each exhibition will feature a different set of artworks, showcasing specific aspects of Warwicker’s experimental practice.

John Warwicker, oblivion with bells II, 2007

John Warwicker, sonar III, 2020

Coming Soon
Festival Eastern European Design

2-4 September 2023
Location: Warsaw

In Warsaw, at beginning of September will take place the first ‘Festival Eastern European Design’ (FEED) dedicated to visual design from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Free of charge, the festival aims to discover and promote the visual culture of this region, presenting historical and contemporary accounts of design discipline. The conference will host designers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and others. FEED will also act as a platform to support the development of design organisations, as well as to share ways of sustaining creative practice within the times of political, economic and climate crisis.

The festival will comprise a public conference, a meeting of visual design events’ organisers, a gathering of representatives of the European community, a set of practical workshops and a series of networking sessions.

Eye will be covering the event on our blog – stay tuned for more updates. Also, see ‘Resistance is essential’ in Eye 104 on Telegraf magazine from Ukraine.

Festival Eastern European Design will take place 2-4 September in Warsaw, Poland.

Over three days of talks, presentations, events and workshops, the festival will gather graphic designers and design organisers from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

Coming Soon
Type Tuesday: Sound and Vision

5 September 2023
Location: London

Type Tuesday returns for a night exploring the world of design for music. The evening will feature a talk by designer Christopher Wilson (Oberphones), whose Eye 104 article ‘Heavy Rotation’ examines the Album Cover Albums series of books originally edited by Roger Dean and Hipgnosis co-founder Storm Thorgerson.

We are also looking forward to welcoming Hipgnosis co-founder Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell, who was featured in the recent documentary film Squaring the Circle. In conversation with John L. Walters, Powell will delve into the story of Hipgnosis, a design studio responsible for album covers of Pink Floyd (Dark Side of the Moon), Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, 10cc, XTC, Peter Gabriel and many more.

As always, there will be a bar and a stall at which you can buy bargain archival issues of Eye plus the latest editionEye 104. All proceeds go to support St Bride Foundation.

‘Type Tuesday: Sound and Vision’ will take place on 5 September at St Bride Foundation

Christopher Wilson working at his studio, Oberphones.

‘Sleazy’ Peter Christopherson, Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell and Storm Thorgerson, in Hipgnosis’ Denmark St studio, 1979.

Coming Soon
We Tried to Warn You! Environmental Crisis Posters, 1970–2020

28 September 2023 — 25 February 2024
Location: New York

If success of a poster is measured by the behavioural impact it can provoke, then every poster in this exhibition is a failure. ‘We Tried to Warn You!’ exhibition gathers works created to draw attention to environmental issues (which over time only worsened) and inspire positive change. Regardless of their effect, these impactful pictures have greatly influenced the way people talk about sustainability, making us pay attention to specific topics such as energy efficiency, over-consumption and means of production in a new way. Equally, they often hidden the real reasons behind these problems and ignored the unfairness built into the system at large.

The posters often utilised urgent messaging paired with ‘environmental’ visual language which removed the locality of the issue in place, making the posters universal yet unrelatable with the use of ‘gas masks and honeybees’. This exhibition avoids these tropes, charting a global history of environmental activism through posters, ranging in style from whimsical to apocalyptic.

Robert Rauschenberg, Earth Summit ’92, 1992.

Designer unknown, That’s all folks!, 1971.

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