Wednesday, 5:29am
27 July 2016

Noted #76

Pureprint Works #4, Francesco Griffo, Beatrice Warde Scholarship winner Ania Wieluńska, London bus destination boards and Ghostbusters!

Here are a few things that caught our attention in recent weeks.

Pureprint, Eye’s printers since Eye 68, have published the latest edition of their promotional broadsheet Pureprint Works no. 4.

The cover of Pureprint Works no. 4.
Top: Michael Gross’s ‘no ghost’ logo, devised with artist artist Brent Boates for the movie Ghostbusters, 1984.


Spread from Pureprint Works no. 4 showing a selection of magazines printed at Pureprint including Expedition, Hole & Corner and Foxes.


Printed both digitally and using offset lithography, the pages features a variety of work printed at their Uckfield plant including the monster book Pelé: Art Life Football, Eye 91, display material for The White Stuff retail chain and a poster for the touring exhibition ‘Alan Kitching: A Life in Letterpress’.

Spread showing Pelé: Art Life Football alongside the poster and postcards for the exhibition ‘Alan Kitching: A Life in Letterpress’.
Design: Andrew Cooper. Art direction: Simon Esterson.


Griffo: The Great Gala of Letters is a new website that represents a multidisciplinary project that will culminate in 2018 on the 500th anniversary of the death of Francesco Griffo, the Bolognese punchcutter. Griffo is best known for cutting the first italic type, known as the Aldine italics, for printer and publisher Aldus Manutius in 1499. The Griffo project’s board includes director of ISIA Urbino Luciano Perondi, professor at Università della Svizzera italiana Giuseppe Richeri and type historian and Eye contributor James Clough, among others. (See a review of Clough’s book Signs of Italy: Outdoor Lettering Up and Down the Boot in Eye 91.)

A selection of steel punches featured in James Clough’s article ‘Who was Francesco Griffo?’ on the new Griffo The Great Gala of Letters website (designed by Dina&Solomon).


The Type Director’s Club of New York recently awarded Polish design student Ania Wieluńska the Beatrice Warde Scholarship.

TDC Executive Director Carol Wahler awarding Ania Wieluńska the 2016 Beatrice Warde Scholarship. Image: Monotype.


Wieluńska’s typeface Musso.


The scholarship, sponsored by the TDC and Monotype, supports one female design student per annum ‘whose work demonstrates exceptional talent, sophistication, and skill in the use of typography.’ Ania Wieluńska, a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, is also the recipient of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship for Outstanding Achievements.

Sample of Wieluńska’s display face Bumelant.


Last week designer James Goggin drew our attention to this video clip of the screenprinting of London bus destination boards at McKenna Brothers in Manchester. Rarely has Johnston Sans been squeezed quite so tightly in an official capacity.

The London Transport Museum’s short film How it’s made: Producing a bus blind narrated by long-time McKenna Brothers employee Malcolm Randles.

Filminutiae is a new website about design and the movies launched by design director Jez Owen. For his post ‘Franchise rights alone’ Owen publishes his interview with the late Michael Gross (1945-2015) about the legendary Ghostbusters logo. Gross devised the wordless marque – along with artist Brent Boates – for the 1984 movie at a time when the producers didn’t even have the rights to the title Ghostbusters.

The ‘no ghost’ logo designed by Michael Gross.

Ghostbusters Poster

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