Tuesday, 3:00pm
28 May 2019

Type now: Eye 98 live

Join us at St Bride Library for Eye’s quarterly
Type Tuesday on 4 June, with Hansje van Halem, Mark Thomson, Ferdinand Ulrich and more …

The next Type Tuesday on 4 June 2019 is a live version of our latest type special issue.

Type now. Eye 98 live’ features Hansje van Halem, Mark Thomson (on Bram de Does) and Ferdinand Ulrich, followed by a panel discussion about type design. Please join us and support the St Bride Foundation.

Wind typeface, published by Typotheque in 2018. ‘Typotheque unravelled the system behind the letter shapes I had made, and rebuilt it from there,’ says Van Halem. ‘They surprised me by also engineering it into a variable font.’

Wind typeface, published by Typotheque in 2018.

Cover for Gerard Unger’s Theory of Everything designed by Hansje van Halem.

Cover of Theory of Type Design, designed by Hansje van Halem.

Hansje van Halem, the subject of Silvia Sfligiotti’s ‘Strategy of excess’, will talk about her wide-ranging typographic projects, which in recent years have included the design of patterned endpapers for the publisher Uitgeverij De Buitenkant; lettering for the Lowlands Festival; her first typeface family Wind, which was released by Typotheque in 2018; and her design of Gerard Unger’s Theory of Type Design (also reviewed in Eye 98).

Designer Mark Thomson will discuss ‘the king of (functional) swing’ Bram de Does, whose two typefaces, Trinité and Lexicon, represent the Dutch designer’s belief in fostering consistency between type and technology. Typographer and type historian Ferdinand P. Ulrich will investigate the craft of ‘Last man casting’ Rainer Gerstenberg, whose type casting practice, based in Darmstadt, Germany, is one of the few remaining in the world.

Rainer Gerstenberg at his type foundry at the Haus für Industriekultur in Darmstadt. Photograph by Norman Posselt.

Since 1997, Rainer Gerstenberg has been running his type foundry at the Haus für Industriekultur in Darmstadt.

The evening will conclude with a panel discussion about contemporary type design, chaired by Eye’s assistant editor and contributor Sarah Snaith. Sarah will be joined by, among others, Jeremy Tankard (Jeremy Tankard Typography) and Jason Smith (Fontsmith), both of whom featured in Sarah’s article ‘The business of type design’, published as part of Eye 98’s ‘Type now’ section.

For an evening of typographic talk, and a free glass of fizz on arrival, join us at St Bride Library on 4 June at 7pm. Tickets are available here.


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