David Thompson

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A fraternity of trifles

Issue 43, Spring 2002


With Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan upending expectations of the comic book form (and winning the…

A waking dream

Issue 53, Autumn 2004


The notion of the brand and its plausible functions have been derailed and abstracted

Stripped for action

Issue 62, Winter 2006


To my knowledge, this is the first cross-media anthology of gay comic art and illustration…

Density, magic, genius and loss

Issue 40, Summer 2001


Chris Ware’s comic strip was originally published in Chicago’s alternative New City paper and Ware’s…


Issue 51, Spring 2004


Two epic photographic books give human endeavour a new perspective

826 Valencia

Issue 48, Summer 2003


Chris Ware’s new mural tells the story of the human race

Big subject, little pictures

Issue 44, Summer 2002


Joe Sacco uses the comics medium to describe the lives of Palestinians

Ware comes back with a darker narrative

Issue 59, Spring 2006


After a four-year hiatus spent repackaging earlier work for a mainstream audience, Chris Ware finally…

Agenda: Artspeak

Issue 62, Winter 2006


How did ‘Art bollocks’ become the default way of writing about visual culture? Could Mao have the answer?