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Global type tour

Issue 102, Autumn 2021


‘Typographics 21’ was a ten-session, online journey that covered type and lettering from around the world – but with the explicit exclusion of Europe and North America. By Gerry Leonidas

Beyond Latin

Issue 90, Summer 2015


As digital tools liberate type design from arcane limitations, more people become free to communicate using their own alphabets and languages. Gerry Leonidas chairs a panel of designers discussing the global state of ‘non-Latin’ type

Telling it like it is

Issue 82, Winter 2011


The long-running Typo Berlin conference brings together a thousand delegates under very expansive, and rather…

Lost in flatlands

Issue 80, Summer 2011


Will the next generation of page layout programs give us back our sense of space?

The visualisation of complex data

Issue 79, Spring 2011


St Bride Library has been undergoing something of a renaissance in recent years. It is…

Formal richness for the tablet age

Issue 77, Autumn 2010


Open the Pages interface on an iPad and look at the menu bars: the tab…

Type tales told for ordinary folk

Issue 78, Winter 2010


It was hard to avoid Just My Type in the weeks before its publication in…

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Type Tuesday: space exploration

8 May 2012
Book design, Design education, Graphic design, Magazines, Typography

Some reflections upon typography & layout (and why palettes are evil)
In ‘Lost in flatlands’ in Eye 80, as part of our special ‘20 years of change’…

In with the old, in with the new

31 January 2011
Graphic design, Information design, Technology, Visual culture

Thoughts (and sketchnotes) on the Design of Understanding conference
St Bride Library has been undergoing something of a renaissance in recent years, writes Gerry…