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Where was Weimar?

Issue 99, Autumn 2019


The era of the Weimar Republic, which emerged in Germany in the wake of the…

Weimar volumes

Issue 91, Spring 2016


The musical Cabaret gave a popular view of Berlin between the two world wars; the…

The holiday of a lifetime

Issue 53, Autumn 2004


In 1936, Herbert Bayer was faced with a difficult brief: promoting the Third Reich

From object to observer

Issue 61, Autumn 2006


Exhibitions blend the complexities of architectural space with the narrative concerns of book design

Electrifying the alphabet

Issue 62, Winter 2006


At the dawn of the computer age, new functions ushered in new forms for type design

Max Bittrof: visual engineer

Issue 9, Summer 1993


Max Bittrof was one of the leading German designers of the 1920s. Unlike many exponents of the New Typography, he was able to apply the aesthetic to a major commercial client

Get the message?

Issue 3, Spring 1991


Legibility is relative. Is it time we broke the tablets of stone? Agenda by Michèle-Anne Dauppe

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Five strategies tabled in Eindhoven

27 October 2014
Critical path, Graphic design, Posters, Visual culture

Van Abbemuseum throws new light on Jan van Toorn’s critical design practice
Homage exhibitions are inherently celebratory, writes Francisco Laranjo. However ‘Staging the Message: The Open Work…

High-priced ephemera

26 September 2013
Design history, Graphic design, Posters

A unique version of Joost Schmidt’s iconic Bauhaus poster may reach a record price at auction. By Graham Twemlow
One year after its blockbuster sale ‘Posters with a Purpose: the London Transport Museum Sale’…

Big business, big world

11 July 2012
Design history, Graphic design, Information design

Herbert Bayer’s World Geo-Graphic Atlas, 1953 – infodesign in Eye 82
Long before multinational corporations discovered the usefulness of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in ameliorating a…