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Introduction Eye 100

Issue 100, Summer 2020


For this issue, eleven prominent designers have generously given up time to talk about graphic design…

Liza Enebeis: Curious creative director

Issue 100, Summer 2020


‘Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the world feels more united. This may be a trigger in the future for how we can be more unified and achieve results as a world collective.’

Action to the word

Issue 98, Spring 2019


Dutch Posters 1997–2017 (Lecturis, €41.00, $59, £45), the successor to Dutch Posters 1960–1996, is an…

Ring-bound to rule them all

Issue 90, Summer 2015


Manuals 2: Design & Identity Guidelines (Unit Editions, £75) follows Unit Editions’ Manuals 1, 201…

Good intentions writ large

Issue 53, Autumn 2004


The three alternatives recommended by the authors of Conscientious Objectives are to ‘work for ethical…

Flexible geometry

Issue 1, Autumn 1990


How Studio Dumbar propelled the PTT into the present

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Graphic design live #8

4 December 2022
Design history, Events and exhibitions, Motion graphics

W. E. B. Du Bois in New York, Piotr Szyhalski in Minneapolis, Dieter Roth in Iceland and motion graphics in Shenzhen

As we head towards the end of the year and into the holiday season, here’s a list of talks and exhibitions this December.

Movers and shakers

6 October 2022
Graphic design, Typography, Motion graphics

Watch as DEMO takes over a multitude of Dutch public screens on Thursday 6 October

The second annual DEMO festival takes over 5000-plus screens on Dutch streets ...

Graphic design live #1

26 October 2021
Design education, Design history, Graphic design, Magazines, Posters, Typography, Visual culture, Events and exhibitions

Beautiful Swiss Books; Martens in Shanghai; MagCulture Live on Thursday 4 November; Typoteka; Chaumont
Here is a selection of current and upcoming events that piqued the interest of our…

(Typographic) Noted #90

15 February 2019
Graphic design, Typography

The 65th annual Type Directors Club competition, Patrick Thomas’s revised Protest Stencil Toolkit, the Whitney’s ‘programmed’ typeface and Studio Dumbar’s variable type City in Motion posters
Here is a selection of type-related things – recently announced type winners, a revised edition…

Graphic days out

10 October 2018
Graphic design, Illustration, Typography, Visual culture

The third edition of Torino Graphic Days, a ‘visual design festival’, shows the playful side of visual communication
In just two years, Torino Graphic Days (TGD) has developed into an ambitious and wide-ranging…

Offset 2016: day three

29 April 2016
Graphic design, Illustration, Music design, Visual culture

Studio Dumbar, Niall McInnery, Andy Ristaino, Úna Burke, McBess, Stephen Averill and Shaughn McGrath … and Seb Lester. Pam Bowman and Matt Edgar conclude their coverage of the Dublin Offset conference
By the Sunday morning at Offset 2016, more coffee is required, with several extra shots…

In and out of registration

5 September 2014
Design education, Graphic design, Posters, Typography

Be very afraid … a Deptford primary school houses a design summer camp for grown-ups with a difference
Back to school came early for the 50+ workshop attendees who ventured to a disused…