Issue 92


Editorial Eye 92
Editorial, John L. Walters
In the feature ‘Tune out, dive deep, read on’, Riposte magazine founders Shaz Madani…
Browsing, or reading?
Graphic design, Magazines, Photography, Typography, Visual culture, Critique, Rick Poynor

A new shop demonstrates the global resurgence of indie magazines. Critique by Rick Poynor


Reputations: Stuart Geddes
Elizabeth Glickfeld

‘I am interested in exploring different archetypes of books … I like to create friction between design…

Take my concept
Rick Poynor

Boris Bućan’s early posters display an audacity that challenges divisions between graphic design and…

A manual of hand-made Modernism
Peter Bain

In 1949, a comprehensive portfolio by Swiss designer Walter Käch helped set the stage for postwar…

Tune out, dive deep, read on
Meg Carter

Riposte magazine’s innovative format, diverse contents and clean design challenge the formulaic…

The thin controller
Tom Harrad

Progress bars have changed the way we engage with songs, films and stories

I am a poster
David Crowley

David Crowley, curator of ‘The Poster Remediated’ at the Warsaw International Poster Biennale, examines…

Time machine
John L. Walters

Each summer since 1973, artist Tom Phillips has taken photos of the same twenty places in his South…

Ambition and illustration
Alan Male

Alan Male welcomes a return to the ‘polymath principle’, the idea that an illustrator should engage with…