Wednesday, 11:00am
16 December 2015

(Seasonal) Noted #73

Redstone Press diary; Typodarium, Fedrigoni, Pierluigi Longo and Peter von Freyhold’s calendars; and cards from Dan Adams, Lara Harwood, Lizzie Lomax, Andy Martin and March design agency

Here are some assorted seasonal cards and calendars given by Eye’s friends and family.

Julian Rothenstein’s Redstone Press has published their annual spiral-bound desk diary themed ‘The Therapeutic Diary’. Charles Boyle’s introductory explanation for the theme reads, ‘Every one of us will need some kind of therapy: medical, pharmaceutical psychological, financial, political, technological, or just plain fellow-feeling in a coffee shop’. Some of the visual delights include images from Ed Ruscha’s Various Small Fires (1964), Gabriele Galimberti’s photograph ‘Tyra Wiklund (5), Stockholm, Sweden from the series ‘Toy Stories’ (2014) and Louise Bourgeois’ Pink Days and Blue Days (1997). (See ‘Spiral-bound scratchpad’ on the Eye blog.)

Spread showing Jack Kamen’s cover for Psychoanalysis, Gemstone, US, 1999.
Top: Pages from the Typodarium 2016 calendar.


Spread showing Ellen Auerbach, Eckstein with Lipstick, Germany, 1930.


Redstone Press 2016 diary themed ‘therapy’.


This year’s Typodarium 2016 tear-off type calendar (Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz, €19.80), designed by Lars Harmsen and Raban Ruddigkeit, features work by 223 designers including David Cabianca; Eduardo Manso; and Pascal Zoghbi and Ian Party of 29LT, who are featured in ‘Beyond Latin’ in Eye 90.

30 August in 29LT Kaff (2012) by Pascal Zoghbi and Ian Party and 28 October in Blox (2014) by Superfried.



Typodarium 2016, a 366-day type calendar.


Graphic designer and art director Dan Adams’ annual holiday cards.

‘Peace Love’ card screenprinted by Dan Adams.


Eye neighbour Dan Adams printing his 2016 ‘Peace’ cards in his De Beauvoir Road studio.



Fedrigoni’s 2016 calendar, design by Nixon Design in Cornwall, brings together 34 different blind embossed, die-cut and printed paper stocks. Calendars can be requested from [email protected]

Fedrigoni’s 2016 calendar designed by Nixon Design.



Concept: Nixon Design. Animation: Ted Thorpe. Composer: Benjamin Hudson.

Here is a small selection of illustrated Christmas cards that have come into our 100 De Beauvoir Road studio.

Robin Christmas card from illustrator and printmaker Lara Harwood.


One of a series of Christmas cards by illustrator Lizzie Lomax, on sale at Keep Cards.


Christmas card from illustrator Andy Martin.


Peter von Freyhold’s 2016 CMYK Color Swatch Calendar (Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz, €39.80) comes with binding screws to attach swatches together as the year goes on.

Peter von Freyhold’s 2016 CMYK Color Swatch Calendar.


Holiday greetings from design agency March.

Design agency March, founded by Marc Atkinson, sent us a Christmas card and Letraset-style sheet (pictured) of Helvetica missing the letters used for ‘Merry Christmas’.


This handsome calendar from illustrator Pierluigi Longo contains twelve of 54 illustrations originally created for the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

2016 calendar by illustrator Pierluigi Longo.


Portrait of Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto for December 2016. Pierluigi Longon is represented by Heart Agency. Calendar design: Alessandro Cavallini.


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