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The alternative viewpoint

Issue 97, Autumn 2018


The magazines in the stable of Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers are as distinctive in their editorial voices as they are in their visual tone and design

More than just a gridnik

Issue 93, Winter 2017


Wim Crouwel: Modernist is the disingenuously bald title of a richly textured portrait of the…

End of history? Graphic design hasn’t started

Issue 59, Spring 2006


The New Views symposium elicited two distinct perspectives on graphic design history, raising questions about…

Unstable relations

Issue 68, Summer 2008


In what ways does language shape our understanding of art and design? This is the…

Ordinary values

Issue 80, Summer 2011


Design discourse is slowly learning to appreciate the essence of the everyday, writes Alice Twemlow

The decriminalisation of ornament

Issue 58, Winter 2005


Spurned and marginalised for more than a century, decoration is enjoying a guilt-free renaissance

Electronic Tumbleweed

Issue 63, Spring 2007


When someone sets out to make a book to save the planet, they lay themselves…

‘No muscles, no tattoos’

Issue 61, Autumn 2006


Each of Jop van Bennekom’s eccentric magazines perches precariously at its niche’s edge

Club-wielding poster boy

Issue 77, Autumn 2010


‘American Badass’, ‘Totally Live, Totally Nude’, and ‘Follow Your Damn Bliss’ are some of the…

Forensic types

Issue 54, Winter 2004


Excavating the history of lettering gives this New York foundry a contemporary edge

Marian Bantjes: Ornamentality

Issue 58, Winter 2005


For Marian Bantjes the most powerful ornament comes out of obsession and long hours of intense labour

Denise Gonzales Crisp: The decorational

Issue 58, Winter 2005


For Denise Gonzales Crisp, typography has the deepest tradition of the decorative within graphic design

Mooren and Van der Velden: Argyle charm

Issue 58, Winter 2005


The Dutch design duo see decoration as a way to convey messages that are not direct statements

Omnivore: Perspective and embellishment

Issue 58, Winter 2005


Karen Hsu and Alice Chung of Omnivore use ornament to add meaning to a client brief


Issue 47, Spring 2003


From the (a) trivial to the (b) deadly serious, lists dominate visual culture

Conference madness

Issue 49, Autumn 2003


It’s a messy hybrid of live chat show, summer camp, theatre and rock’n’roll

The loneliest insight?

Issue 50, Winter 2003


A broadsheet tackles Helvetica’s use and abuse with the eye of an outsider

A refreshing shock to the system [extract]

Issue 48, Summer 2003


Jean Widmer, A Devotion to Modernism: Itinerary of a Designer from Zurich to Paris