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Don’t judge a book by its title

Issue 96, Spring 2018


Never judge a book by its title. If I had done that, I would never…

Imperfect beauty

Issue 95, Winter 2017


This book exists solely because its author Esther K. Smith considers Specimens of Chromatic Wood…

The unsung stencil master

Issue 92, Summer 2016


W. A. Dwiggins (1880-1956), the US designer best known for his typefaces Metro, Electra and…

Carve his name with pride

Issue 84, Autumn 2012


Michael Harvey, the British lettering artist and designer, has worked wholly within the ‘English lettering…

The line of beauty

Issue 83, Summer 2012


Script typefaces, currently enjoying an unprecedented popularity, bring a vital element of humanity to the digital age. By Paul Shaw and Abby Goldstein

Scale and spirit

Issue 71, Spring 2009


Optically sized fonts are the ‘slow food’ trend of typography, appreciated by a minority but with far-reaching influence

Pink is the new black(letter)

Issue 71, Spring 2009


Since 1998, when Peter Bain and I staged the exhibition ‘Blackletter: Type and National Identity’…

To the letter

Issue 75, Spring 2010


Calligraphy, in the hands of artists like Carl Kurtz and Susan Skarsgård, can be abstract, gestural, conceptual, or simply beautiful. It is always surprising.


Issue 67, Spring 2008


Letter from Paul Shaw