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Rules of engagement

Issue 98, Spring 2019


Back in 2005, I wrote ‘In Search of a Comprehensive Type Design Theory’, a…

Endangered species

Issue 53, Autumn 2004


Piet Gerards is a craftsman. You can’t fail to notice this from the moment you…

Sense of place

Issue 58, Winter 2005


Three new typefaces for local institutions draw on Sheffield’s cultural and typographic history

Electrifying the alphabet

Issue 62, Winter 2006


At the dawn of the computer age, new functions ushered in new forms for type design

Reputations: Gerard Unger

Issue 40, Summer 2001


‘Papers have all kinds of information on the same page; very distressing and very joyful; gossip…

Why Helvetica?

Issue 40, Summer 2001


Despite the changes provoked by the digital ‘revolution’, designing a typeface for serious…

Technology, aesthetics and type

Issue 3, Spring 1991


With a substantial body of work already completed, Gerard Unger’s designs are entering a new…

The digital wave

Issue 7, Summer 1992


The old manufacturing companies that dominated typeface production through most of this century…

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Noted #77

7 September 2016

Beer cans, Dutch Alphabets, the Global Synthesizer Project, An Anthology of Decorated Papers and Chanced Arm no. 2
Here are a few things – beer cans, books, a sound installation and a magazine – that caught our attention in recent weeks.