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Designer degradation [EXTRACT]

Issue 49, Autumn 2003


This series of essays is stimulating, as well as being beautifully designed and…

Food for thought for educators [extract]

Issue 48, Summer 2003


The Education of an E-Designer claims to be a pioneering work, aimed at educators…

Advertising’s second coming

Issue 62, Winter 2006


This book provides a succinct overview of alternative advertising strategies that…

Advertising and the globalisation of aspiration

Issue 59, Spring 2006


Global visual culture is dominated by the values of the industrialised West

Public toilet signage (text in full)

Issue 46, Winter 2002


The particular in the universal

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Gays, junkies & Africans: who cares?

20 July 2012

The international challenges of communicating AIDS awareness
Contemporary consumer society has particular features that present communication challenges for the social service sector, writes Lynne Ciochetto.

Ads for good

14 June 2011

Billboard strategies in cross-cultural social service advertising campaigns
Social service and government advertising has been used in industrialised countries for most of the twentieth century, writes Lynne Ciochetto.

Merely cosmetic

27 August 2010

Are Asian skin-lightening creams being whitewashed for the west?
In the recent era of globalisation of business, the cosmetic and personal product manufacturers are amongst the world’s largest advertisers, writes Lynne Ciochetto.

Green USP?

24 March 2010

Greenwashing and design in the age of ethical consumption
In the contemporary era of heightened green awareness and ‘ethical consumption’, major companies have quickly realised that consumers are looking for greener brands, writes Lynne Ciochetto. Design has played a key role in reinventing company profiles with new environmental messages, and designers should question these claims.

Male-gazing in NZ, Russia and NYC

10 November 2009

Lynn Ciochetto on the creation of new needs and markets
Much advertising in the past has been about creating new needs and taboos that can be met by products, writes Lynne Ciochetto, as I noted in my Eye 59 article ‘Advertising and the globalisation of aspiration’. Throughout most of the twentieth century, the focus has been on the female market.

A going concern

13 August 2009

Toilet signage as an international cultural artefact
Toilet signage is such a deeply embedded part of contemporary life, writes Lynne Ciochetto, that most people are oblivious to the layers of meaning embedded in the signs themselves.