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A studio sensation

Issue 89, Winter 2014


In 1930, a 24-year-old German, Horst P. Horst (born Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann), arrived in…

The painful vision of Eugene Richards

Issue 53, Autumn 2004


While many forms of photography are enjoying a popularity like never before – be it…

All my own work

Issue 77, Autumn 2010


Books lie at the heart of photography’s history. Now photographers are opting for the freedom and ‘total conception’ of publishing themselves.

Every detail counts

Issue 77, Autumn 2010


Wayne Ford profiles a ‘major force in British photography’

Meet me in Provence

Issue 73, Autumn 2009


If photography had a Mecca, the annual Rencontres d’Arles in the south of France would…

Recent Photobooks: a connoisseur’s guide

Issue 62, Winter 2006


Martin Munkacsi By F. C. Gundlach Steidl, €48. Thames & Hudson, £39.95 In the 1930s…

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Headless wonder

16 April 2014
Photography, Reviews, Visual culture

Martina Bacigalupo discovers a new source of human stories at Uganda’s Gulu Real Art Studio
In early 2011, the Italian photojournalist Martina Bacigalupo left her small hotel in Gulu, northern…

Wild vision

9 March 2011
Awards madness, Photography, Visual culture

Wayne Ford on the art and craft of wildlife photography
In 1884, Ottmar Anschütz made his now famous studies of storks, writes Wayne Ford. The…

Escaping Modernism

31 August 2010
Photography, Reviews, Visual culture

Edward Weston’s flight from photographic theory
The early twentieth century saw photography dominated by the influence of painting, with the then…

Sam Haskins and other stories

27 August 2009
Book design, Design history, Photography, Posters, Visual culture

The South African photographer with a graphic edge
‘Sam Haskins is an important photographer. There, I’ve said it!’ This is the first line…

The heights (and depths) of fashion

31 March 2009
Illustration, Photography, Visual culture

Moscow’s ‘Changing Beauty’: style is in the eye of the photographer
‘Changing Beauty’ is the theme of the sixth Fashion and Style in Photography biennale, organised…