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Buying time

Issue 79, Spring 2011


With shorter, more commercially driven degrees under serious consideration, Steve Rigley argues…

Design’s wayward cousins

Issue 68, Summer 2008


Humble and often vulgar, chapbooks offer an illuminating window into the medieval world.

Revolutionary material in the flesh

Issue 55, Spring 2005


Glasgow’s Hunterian Gallery is home to a collection of James Abbott McNeill…

Andre’s mug: inspiring prank, global brand… or a one-hit wonder?

Issue 62, Winter 2006


The hard-sell intro to Supply and Demand will, no doubt, have many digging into…

Digital cut and paste from India

Issue 53, Autumn 2004


‘In a realm of Calvino-esque echoes, the “invisible cities” begin to unravel…

Thinking in solid air

Issue 57, Autumn 2005


Design educators are finding that letterpress nurtures creativity and visual abstraction

Refreshing but inscrutably exotic

Issue 69, Autumn 2008


Now that the Olympic Circus has finally rolled out of town, it is highly likely…

Abram Games

Issue 59, Spring 2006


Visitors to this exhibition may have noticed a London bus ticket modestly…

New era

Issue 58, Winter 2005


Delegates registering for Era 05 in the vast lobby of Copenhagen’s Bella Centre…

A lifetime of brush-script problem-solving

Issue 51, Spring 2004


There is a photograph of Ashley Havinden (1903-73), taken for Country Life

Working lunch

Issue 56, Summer 2005


Mumbai’s dabbawallas deliver 175,000 meals daily to hungry workers using a unique system

Re-tooling the culture for an empire of signs

Issue 52, Summer 2004


‘Creative destruction’ and synthesis in the rapidly changing subcontinent

Dancing and demolition in old Beijing

Issue 65, Autumn 2007


The destruction of ancient Chinese alleyways undermines the Olympic ideals of…

Imperialism by another name?

Issue 60, Summer 2006


India’s designers need to compete globally, but Western-style professionalisation could threaten…

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If you know where to look …

9 November 2018

Graphic design academics assemble in Sheffield to prepare for the next REF, the Research Excellence Framework. Report by Steve Rigley
The Research Excellence Framework (REF), which takes place every seven years, is the means by which UK funding councils assess the quality and impact of academic research in higher education, writes Steve Rigley.

Design city in a hurry

18 November 2013

Singapore’s graphic design story matches the city-state’s dramatic narrative, but this breathless overview leaves little time for reflection
In the introduction to Independence: The History of Graphic Design in Singpore since the 1990s, author Justin Zhuang quotes Deyan Sudjic, ‘design is the language that a society uses to create objects that reflect its purposes and values’, writes Steve Rigley.

Graphic design reading lists

21 March 2012

How should we choose texts to guide students through the info-blizzard?
Twenty years ago creating a reading list for graphic design students was relatively easy, writes Steve Rigley.