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The pandemic that launched a thousand visualisations

Issue 101, Summer 2021


Covid-19 has generated a growth in information design and an opportunity to compare different ways…

Brand in the hand

Issue 94, Summer 2017


In Melbourne, more than a century ago, a ‘printer’s fist’ inadvertently became one of the earliest…

James Mosley: A life in objects

Issue 90, Summer 2015


Through his ideas, collecting and dogged research, the former St Bride librarian has shown that…

Crash covers

Issue 52, Summer 2004


J. G. Ballard’s novel resists attempts to summarise it with a single image

Physical display

Issue 67, Spring 2008


How lettering is made for public display: hand-cutting in wood and stone, & routing in metal and…

Art without its bitter history

Issue 23, Winter 1996


I have a problem with Stalin’s face. He looked exactly like my cat. Exactly. This…

Talking pictures

Issue 11, Winter 1993


The comic book speech bubble has evolved into a highly expressive form of vernacular lettering

Punk uncovered: an unofficial history of provincial opposition

Issue 33, Autumn 1999


British punk gave a sound, a voice and a visual currency to the disenfranchised and remote.…

Poundtastic bombastic


Is there is a graphic mismatch between Poundland’s presentation and its ambitions? Critique by…

Beer: the real thing


Beer labels promise authenticity and reliability. But what about taste? Critique by Rick Poynor

Visual systems of life and death

Issue 101, Summer 2021


In this appendix to ‘The pandemic that launched a thousand visualisations’, Paul Kahn outlines…

Recent blog posts by uncredited designers

Books of seaside revelations

3 June 2020

Guidebooks have enticed visitors to resorts since the nineteenth century. The third in Justin Burns’s series about coastal graphic design in the UK
For decades, the guidebook has navigated visitors through the bright lights of the seaside, showcasing the attractions and architectural splendour of the British coast, writes Justin Burns.

Ghosts of designbots yet to come

21 December 2016

Automated graphic design and the rise of robot creatives – Francisco Laranjo files a critical report from the perspective of Christmas 2025
From our perspective here in 2025, it all seems inevitable, writes Francisco Laranjo. But maybe it wasn’t.

What we pretend to be

2 December 2015

Pulp fiction, Pussy Riot and The Jungle: art dealer-artist duo The Connor Brothers question our perceptions of reality
London’s Hang-Up Gallery hosted a launch party on 12 November for an exhibition by The Connor Brothers called ‘So It Goes...’, writes Maggie Malone.

Beer signs in the grain belt

13 January 2015

Water, grain and time converge at the source of the Mississippi in Minnesota. Steven McCarthy tastes the typefaces and signs that brand his local beers
Minnesota has abundant quantities of beer’s two main ingredients: water and grain, writes Steven McCarthy.

Straight from the gentleman in Whitehall

21 May 2014

Information posters told British citizens what to do about nearly everything – from posting early to eating potatoes, writes Clare Walters
From protecting national secrets to guiding work choices, from cleaning our teeth to dish-washing, public information posters have advised the British public what to do for generations, writes Clare Walters.

Printer wonderland

14 December 2012

‘A Printer’s Tale’, in London next Monday evening, looks at new ways in which the worlds of physical and digital can be plugged together
We’ve known for some time that, despite the unerring rise of digital technologies, print is far from dead, write John Ridpath and Cath Richardson.

Hand-made in Cambodia

21 November 2012

Painted signs enliven the streetscapes of Kratie, a sleepy provincial capital in North East Cambodia.
Cambodia is a country awash with hand-painted signs, writes Sam Roberts. They form an integral part of the streetscape but most visitors barely even notice them.

The notes may be fabricated

31 July 2012

Alternative currencies show that money is just an idea that can be redesigned. By Livia Lima
We live in an age when it is difficult to trust our banks, writes Livia Lima, but what about the notes in your purse or wallet? With economies across Europe teetering on the edge of collapse, plans are being drawn up to revive ‘retired’ currencies such as the drachma, and some Greek cities have jumped the gun by issuing their own alternative currencies.

Historical digital #2

7 September 2011

Grow your own. Generating unique images with Processing.
In Eye 65, we published ‘Grow your own’, an article by Luke Prowse that was accompanied by several examples of designers and artists who were discovering new, creative uses of the open-source tool Processing.

Off the wall

15 July 2009

Just a little fun? Or advertising that plumbs new depths of cynicism?
If Lee and Dan’s fake suicide bomber ad* ‘for’ Volkswagen a few years back seemed to plumb the depths of tastelessness, the Tel Aviv branch of McCann Erickson has managed to plunge the medium into an even greater moral morass, writes Noel Douglas, with its new ad for the Israeli mobile phone operator Cellcom.