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Issue 85, Spring 2013


In 2013, the overblown, completist pretensions of a career-defining monograph seem, well, a bit old-fashioned…


Issue 84, Autumn 2012


M/M (Paris) have set a new benchmark for the monograph. Their tome M to M…

Buying into the Norm cosmos

Issue 70, Winter 2008


The Swiss practice’s typefaces are quirky, oddly popular, and deceptively simple – also a critical response to neutrality

Make each letter speak out loud

Issue 75, Spring 2010


Illustrative typography is rewiring the way we read art, design and communication

Relax and you’ll be swept away

Issue 73, Autumn 2009


Where to start with a book like The Floating World: Ukiyo-e? There is a tendency…

Reputations: Ian Anderson

Issue 71, Spring 2009


‘When I took a back seat to allow TDR to grow beyond me, it died; its creative spark was crushed . . . the more I took myself out of the equation to see if it could do better without me, the more obvious it became that Ian Anderson and The Designers Republic were inseparable.’

Flights of fancy

Issue 82, Winter 2011


Si Scott made his name with baroque combinations of type and image, but his 3D paper insects are taking his work in new directions.

Picture hunter gatherers

Issue 74, Winter 2009


The modern malaise is to over-complicate. In her chatty foreword to The Graphic Eye, Natalia…

Pattern recognition

Issue 71, Spring 2009


Unless you have had your head stuck in a white cube since the flip of…

Small, mobile, intelligent units

Issue 12, Spring 1994


Eye talks to young French designers who reject the atelier system and prefer to go it alone

Clarity and contradiction

Issue 13, Summer 1994


Irma Boom’s work is lucid yet challenging. It upsets her colleagues, while pleasing her clients.

Putting type in its place

Issue 23, Winter 1996


For many of London’s editorial designers, type plays a supporting role. Content and narrative is as likely to be found in the images as in the words

In search of the perfect binding

Issue 10, Autumn 1993


The craft of covers

Mysterious absence at the cutting edge

Issue 19, Winter 1995


Britain has many design stars and most of them are men. Yet very few young women want to be seen as feminists. That’s starting to change

The keyboards that ate the world

Issue 7, Summer 1992


The celebratory aspect of this publishing exercise is evident from the outset. The art director, Takenobu…

Gran Fury

Issue 6, Spring 1992


How AIDS activists use design to hammer home their message.

One from the heart

Issue 6, Spring 1992


Four years ago, Rick Valicenti said goodbye to his corporate clients and set out to reinvent himself. Now his company, Thirst, makes art with a function.

Astro boy and the sex wars

Issue 5, Winter 1991


Curious comics: why the Japanese love their manga

US designers with attitude

Issue 5, Winter 1991


Twelve-hundred graphic designers from over 30 regional chapters of the American Institute of Graphic Arts…

Traces of man

Issue 3, Spring 1991


Herbert Spencer’s photographs celebrate accidental design

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Sharing the stage … sharing ideas

24 June 2013
Critical path, Design education, Graphic design, Illustration

Five D-Crit students team up with experts to make presentations at their graduate symposium
It’s that time of year again, when a host of graduating art and design students…


9 November 2012
Photography, Reviews, Visual culture

An exhibition at the Photographers’ Gallery in London looks hard at the eyes of sharpshooters (from artists and anonymous punters to movie stars and Simone de Beauvoir)
The recently re-opened Photographers Gallery is right on target with its current show, writes Liz…

That (postmodern) design smell?

22 October 2012
Graphic design, Illustration, Magazines, Music design, Reviews

Graphic design Wunderkinder M/M (Paris) have worked with just about everyone in just about every medium: so why not carpets … or scent?
M/M (Paris), aka Michaël Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak, might represent that most elusive of all…

Don’t explain

11 October 2012
Illustration, Reviews, Visual culture

Raymond Pettibon straddles the high / low culture divide, adding his seductive scrawl to the white cube of a London gallery
Raymond Pettibon’s latest series of drawings, investigating recurrent themes around American pop culture, film noir…

‘Shake hands with the devil’

26 September 2012
Design history, Graphic design, Illustration, Reviews

The final hours of Graphic Design: Now in Production (the New York leg) provided a snapshot of contemporary practice, from the Stone Twins to Metahaven.
For the final Saturday of Cooper-Hewitt’s ‘Graphic Design: Now in Production’ exhibition in New York…

Let’s hear it for the hinting slaves

25 June 2012
New media, Typography

Type Tuesday: Ampersand Web Typography Conference 2012
When keynote speaker Phil Baines asked a full house at the second Ampersand Web Typography Conference…

Lost and found

31 May 2012
Graphic design, Illustration, Magazines, Photography, Technology, Visual culture

The Pop-tastic Mr Edwards turns old images and type into collectable zines.
Expat Mister Edwards, still of the parish of Sydney, Australia, has been exploring the term ‘Pop’…

Pop panel

28 March 2012
Graphic design, Illustration, Visual culture

Music design session at Pick Me Up with Malcolm Garrett & Kate Moross
On Friday night, as part of a ‘packed programme’ of events, talks and workshops at Pick…

Force of nature

11 January 2012
Book design, Graphic design, Illustration, Typography, Visual culture

New Kapitza book replaces geometric certainty with organic structure
Following on from their 2008 book Geometric, the Kapitza sisters, Nicole and Petra, have produced…

Outline of beauty

22 November 2010
Design history, Illustration, Visual culture

René Gruau’s visual ‘personalities’ forged Dior’s brand language
Since founding her Munich-based graphic arts gallery, Bartsch & Chariau, in 1980, Joëlle Chariau has…